The Oil & Gas industry plays host to some of the most demanding challenges and for one customer they came no greater than to provide a completely Open Source based desktop solution to replace a traditional Microsoft environment.

"We have been using the M:Tier CompliantBSD complete Desktop and Office solution since 2008 to provide an extremely secure and stable environment for up to 350 users across diverse geographical locations.

Although it utilizes Open Source software the way that the many diverse applications and packages are put together and customized to meet our needs has provided us with a seamless and easily manageable solution.

The Desktop look and feel was tailored to produce a familiar and easy to use interface that reduced retraining requirements for users who had previously used Microsoft products.

The support is delivered through a number of ways including phone, email and live chat mediums and is always responsive and highly knowledgeable.

Since M:Tier employs many experienced Open Source developers they always stay on the cutting edge of the market and have introduced us to several innovative applications such as the Puppet administration tool and Zabbix monitoring tools. Puppet has been especially useful to us as it is used not only to build and configure Desktops and Servers but also to ensure that all machines are continually patched and  configured to the same standard. The addition of the Dashboard feature makes this tool extremely effective at managing a large heterogeneous environment.

Overall M:Tier has provided us with a one stop shop for software, training and consultancy that has significantly reduced our in house administration and development costs."

-- A leading international oil and gas company


Export compliance is a critically important aspect of any business particularly when operating in some of the most challenging locations in the world. A world where US technologies are not permitted for commercial use and are subject to strict US and EU governmental controls.

Our client had a requirement to provide a US export compliant desktop and backoffice environment that would provide the basics of a 'nomal' working environment where these restrictions didn't exist.

Open Source

All the ingredients required for such a solution were identified within the various Open Source software repositories. To meet the stringent requirements for export compliance M:Tier then undertook the major task of removing various content and components.

User Interface

To enhance the user experience and to ensure a simpler transition from the standard Microsoft GUI to GNOME the GNOME desktop was modifed to have a familiar look and feel.


Key to the run and maintain nature of remote operations was to simplify the deployment, patching and security updates. The introduction of Puppet was key to this process and greatly simplified day to day operations.