Personalised Training

We are happy to provide tailored 1-to-1 training courses using whatever practical delivery means possible to ensure the quality of what we deliver is never impaired.

A recent example was a customer located on RĂ©union Island, east of Madagascar to whom we provided remote 1-to-1 training.

"I've used OpenBSD for many years but only at an elementary level so it was great to learn the basics in a more formal way.

The best part of the course was using the live lab server to do the course exercises. That really helped me consolidate what I was learning.

I really enjoyed the training - it gave me a fantastic insight."

-- Wesley Mouedine Assaby, Reunion Island


Training delivered to any location by whatever means and is convenient for the customer

OpenBSD Basics

Upgrading from one system to another, implementation of quotas, configuratign a log server and automatic rotation of logs and how to configure RAID (0,1) using softraid


Basic usage of the ports system (compiling, FLAVORs and MULTI_PACKAGES)


Introduction to bsd_auth(3), customisation of login class capabilities, alternative authentication methods, configuration of one-time passwords (OTP)


How to configure a master DNS and slave DNS, creation of a reverse zone (PTR records), and how to determine which DNS servers are authoratative for a domain (SOA)

Mail Server

How to use sendmail in a variety of ways, authenitication with SASL, smtp over TLS, antispam using spamd and spamassassin, dovecot with pop3 and quotas, webmail with roundcube, and multi-domain support


How to backup email data and to configure restores


How to monitor network traffic (inbound / outbound), QoS, change MTU of a network interface and how to change media type of a network interface